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Movie Therapy: “The King’s Speech”: An Adlerian Formulation, by Louise F. Giroux, PhD, (C ) OACCPP.

Adlerian Psychology views a person holistically as an adult living by a set of beliefs, adopted in childhood.  Contrary to Freud’s determinism, Adler stipulates a soft-determinism, thus the ability to edit the childhood beliefs.  This film simply makes a crisp comment about one’s present challenges as they are triggered by childhood beliefs.  “The King’s Speech’, an Academy Award winner. an historically based movie, can be reviewed through the lens of Adlerian Psychology.  As mental health practioners, we adopt a modality, a theory, a general road map, for our treatment of clients.  I am an Adlerian, but not exclusively.  Using one approach limits the effectiveness of the therapy.  Rogers and Freud are among the modalities from which I glean now and again. Read This Article

Self Care

by Charmaine McIntosh, Psy.D.

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Self Care for Caregivers

Self Care for Caregivers

Self Care for Children

Teaching Children Self Care





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