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Conference Handouts

Handouts from ONSAP 2019 Conference

Friday Family Program
Raising Responsible and Resilient Children Ready to Thrive, Alyson Schafer
Home Responsibilities by Age, Alyson Schafer
Alternative Chores Your Kids Will Love, Alyson Schafer

Saturday Presentations
Using the Purposefulness of Behaviour in Therapy: Encouraging Clients to Develop More Courage to be Imperfect, Susan Belangee
Fostering Therapist Self-Reflection Through Creativity: Learning From Our Self Image, Zoe Eyford
Raising Kids Who Have the Courage to be Imperfect Presentation, Karen Skinulis
Raising Kids Who Have the Courage to be Imperfect Handout, Karen Skinulis
Getting to the Root of the Present Mental Health Problem, Martin Nash
Childhood Anxiety Disorders: Could It Be Social Interest Underdeveloped, Hamid Alizadeh
Childhood Anxiety Disorders Handout, Hamid Alizadeh
Managing Life Transitions, Marion Balla
Love Style Tool for Couples Counselling, William Premo

Sunday Workshop
The BASIS-A As a Counselling Intervention: Strengths, Drawbacks and Building Courage, Susan Belangee

Handouts from ONSAP 2016 Conference

Friday Family Education Forum by Alyson Schafer
Healthy Families - Healthy Boundaries

Saturday Workshops
Adlerian Formulations in Depression, Anxiety and Comorbid Disorders, Gregory R. Anderson
Coaching Through Stories, Catherine Reid Day
Extreme Parenting - Supporting Parents of Children with Autism (ASD) in Therapy, Ruth Strung
Goodness of Fit - Towards a Comprehensive Model, Gwyneth Humphreys and Adam Lozinski
Intergenerational Patterns, Marion Balla
Perfectly Imperfect - The Impact of Perfectionism on Performance, Cydney Lebovitz
Reducing Anxiety in Your Children, Doone Estey
     "All I Really Need Is A Hug"
     Praise and Encouragement Statements
Speaking Up - Taking Adler to the World Through Effective Presentations, Kevin OConnor
The Role of Anger and Its Effect on the Family in an Adlerian Context, Kathy Matay and Marina Bluvshtein
     Group Discussion Handout
Transforming Four Universal Addictions Using the Four Mores, Catherine Reid Day
      Becoming Your Greater Self

Sunday Workshop by Richard E. Watts
Reflecting As If
Practicing as A Therapeutic Changeling: Integrative Strategies for
Adlerian Counsellors and Therapists

Workshop Appendix


Handouts from ONSAP 2015 Conference

Adlerian Diagnosis and Treatment Approaches, Gregory R. Anderson
Professional Issues and Ethics, Dan Dalton
Parents as Leaders, Doone Estey 

Handouts from ONSAP 2014 Conference

Learning to Love and Loving to Learn, Magadalini Agrafiotti
Strengthening the Bond With Your Teenager, Doone Estey
Tips for Communicating with Teens, Doone Estey

Handouts from ONSAP 2013 Conference

Adlerian Psychology and the Uses of Music, Rob Gutenberg
How to Connect with Your Teen and Why It Matters, Linda Burdett
Fantastic Adlerian Techniques for Change, Rob Gutenberg
ABCs of Positive Discipline, Catherine Ciardulli
Bullying: How to Safeguard Your Children, Doone Estey
The Democratic Couple, Louise Giroux

Handouts from ONSAP 2012 Conference

Adlerian Psychology: Why Is It So Relevant Today, Dan Dalton
Encouragement with the Brain in Mind, Linda Page
No More Praise Junkies - Doone Estey
Difference Between Praise and Encouragement
Encouragement Skills Practice
Praise and Encouragement Statements
Quotations as a Medium for Promoting Encouragement, Janet Francis


Handouts from ONSAP 2011 Conference

Instilling Self Esteem in Children, Beverley Cathcart-Ross
Top Ten Encouragement Skills

Labels Activity - Alternative Statement Exercise

Life Style: How I Move Through Life, Louise Giroux
Down Memory Lane: Memory and Learning Disabilities, R. James Little



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